Recycling of sweeps and concentrates

MAIREC recycles concentrates, sweeps, slags, sludges, broken crucibles and fireclay, as well as various residues from refining processes. And we do this with renowned expertise and the highest technological and economic potential.

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Sweeps and concentrates

Concentrates in our definition include high-quality residues from the fertilizer industry, mining concentrates, and other high-quality powder free-flowing materials. Sweeps are oxide-based residues of all kinds that occur during cleaning, sweeping and other collection activities in a precious metal processing industry.

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Slags and sludges

Slags include ceramic residues from thermal melting or casting processes which still contain traces of precious metals.

Sludges, by our definition, are aqueous residues typically on an oxide carrier, which would typically be precipitates from the wet treatment of materials containing precious metals, from exhaust air scrubbers, or from the process washing out of ores.

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Broken (used) crucibles and fireclay

Crucibles consist of thermally resistant clay, graphite or other type of ceramics, used in the melting process of high-grade precious metal materials and contaminated with precious metal buildup after use.

Fireclay comes from the lining of refractories of melt shops contaminated with precious metal residues, for example from the metallurgical processes in the fiberglass industry.

Modern, high-precision pre-treatment and sampling technology

When it comes to the pre-treatment, homogenizing, sampling and value determination of your materials, you benefit from the highest standards and the highest possible precision at MAIREC.

Our effective, continuously improved systems and machines, some of which were developed in-house by our own engineers, allow us almost unlimited processing capacity.

5 more highlights, for your success

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Outstanding conditions

Our comprehensive know-how, first-class international network and exclusive agreements with mines and refineries allow us to offer you the best possible conditions.

Outstanding flexibility in financing and payments

Our financial strength allows us to offer you various flexible payment and financing models. We are able return your precious metals in physical form, metal transfers or settlements in different currencies on or before maturity. Please ask us for your individual solution!

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Exemplary speed

Thanks to the flexible and extensive capacity of our facilities, we can ensure that you can expect analysis results within only 2 weeks but no later than 4 weeks after sampling.

Maximum transparency through our open-door policy

Unlimited access to all relevant processing areas gives you the opportunity to observe the sampling of your materials at any time with your own eyes.

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Competence, true passion and reliability

The dedication and commitment of our highly competent, respected and friendly team will give you a positive feeling that you are in the best hands with your individual wishes and circumstances at all times. The focus is always on unconditional reliability in all processes and services.

And that is not all

We – Julia and Thomas Maier – personally guarantee that we and our team will deliver excellent conditions and results and keep all our promises made to you.
Sollte trotz aller Sorgfalt mal etwas nicht zu Ihrer vollsten Zufriedenheit laufen: Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte direkt, wir kümmern uns darum!

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