Recycling of other industrial waste

Do you manufacture products with the use of precious metals? Or do you have a wide array of different production wastes and residues containing precious metals? Then MAIREC is exactly the right partner for you.

MAIREC recycles wastes and residues from various types of production which utilizes precious metals in its process.

Cleaning wipes, paste jars, distillates

These by-products are generated during the manufacture of ceramic circuits (hybrid ceramics) or various sensors, when the conductive precious metals-bearing pastes are screen-printed onto ceramics.

Distillates are produced while distilling pastes out of cleaning solutions and further concentrating them.

Various filters and filter cartridges

These materials are generated when manufacturers filter out precious metal solids from their washing solutions or when the solids are filtered out of the air with precious metals.

Ion exchange resins

These materials are generated when the precious metals-bearing ions are removed from gold or palladium-bearing baths, which are used in various galvanic processes.

Sintered and un-sintered ceramics

They occur as a byproduct from manufacturing processes of sensors (for instance, oxygen or NOx), or from electric ceramic circuits.

Sensors, components and other production wastes pastes

This group includes various connectors, contacts, capacitors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, oxygen sensors, NOx sensors, and much more.

Solder wastes

These are solder paste cans or cartridges that are opened, dried out or sorted out as rejects after the expiry date. Cleaning cloths used to clean the placement systems, metallic solder dross which is produced after liquefaction of the paste from solder baths or placement systems.

Modern, highly effective technology

With MAIREC you benefit from the highest standards and the highest possible precision with regard to homogenizing, sampling and value determination of your material.

5 more highlights, for your success

Everything from one source

You can work with 50 smelters and refineries, 20 scrap dealers, and 10 pre-processing facilities, or simply with MAIREC. With MAIREC, you will find all required competence under one roof. This guarantees the most economically and ecologically sensible recycling of each one of your materials. If required, we can also assist you to dispose of scrap that does not contain precious metals such as aluminium, copper, nickel, cables, and even old computers. Your solder pastes and tin/lead waste residues will also find the best recycling solution with us.

Outstanding conditions

Comprehensive know-how, the highest possible expertise, a powerful international network and exclusive agreements with mines and refineries enable us to offer you first-class conditions.

Flexible financial settlement models

Thanks to our financial strength, we are able to offer you flexible settlement models. Our service includes the possibility of physical return of your precious metals as well as metal transfers to the suppliers and manufacturers of your primary products. Please ask us for your individual solution.

Proactive advice from our experts

Would you like additional professional advice and information regarding optimizing waste management for you? Whether storage, optimizing lots for recycling, or legal advice with respect to waste regulation: our experts will be happy to support you.

Competence, true passion and reliability

The dedication and commitment of our highly competent, respected and friendly team will give you a positive feeling that you are in the best hands with your individual wishes and circumstances at all times. The focus is always on unconditional reliability in all processes and services.

And that is not all

We – Julia and Thomas Maier – personally guarantee that we and our team will deliver excellent conditions and results and keep all our promises made to you.

Should, despite all care, something not run to your complete satisfaction, we will answer for it.

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