Recycling of industrial catalysts

MAIREC is your specialist for the recycling of spent industrial catalysts of all types. Industrial catalysts are used in oil refining, petrochemical industry, and in the production of various basic, fine and intermediate chemicals. Precious metals, typically in mono- or bimetallic form, are usually applied to various carrier types in different shapes and sizes, depending on the application.

  • PTA-palladium on pellet activated carbon from the production of chemical products
  • VAM-palladium and gold on aluminium oxide silicate from the manufacture of chemical products
  • Palladium and/or platinum on activated carbon from the manufacture of chemical products
  • Various precious metals on activated carbon from the production of pharmaceutical products
  • Reforming catalysts and other petrochemical catalysts, containing soluble and insoluble alumina, silica-alumina, zeolite and activated carbon

Benefit from our know-how and modern pre-treatment and sampling technology

Our advanced technology guarantees you the highest possible precision, the best possible added value, and the highest standards and accuracy when it comes to homogenizing, sampling and determining the value of your material. We are also your professional partner when it comes to pre-treatment such as calcination and, if necessary, regeneration.

6 more highlights, for your success

Outstanding conditions

Benefit from the best possible conditions thanks to our know-how and expertise, our first-class international network and our exclusive agreements with mines and refineries worldwide.

Financing and settlement flexibility

Our financial strength, our close relationships with banks and brokers allow us to offer you various price hedging instruments, payment models and financing: metal transfers to fresh catalyst manufacturers and suppliers, as well as advance payments and early metal returns. Ask us for an individual solution.

Exemplary speed

With most settlement assays available within 2 weeks, but no later than 4 weeks after delivery, we are a market leader in terms of processing and settlement speed.

Maximum transparency through our open-door policy

Unlimited access to all relevant processing areas gives you the opportunity to observe the sampling of your materials at any time with your own eyes.

More added value by decoupling recycling from fresh catalyst production

Manufacturers of fresh catalysts often offer recycling in order to get the order for the production of new catalyst. By releasing yourself from this constraint, you will benefit from having your spent catalysts recycled more efficiently by a true specialist. MAIREC can transfer the recovered precious metals to the manufacturer of your choice. The separation of processes maximizes value for you to the highest level.

Competence, true passion and reliability

The dedication and commitment of our highly competent, respected and friendly team will give you a positive feeling that you are in the best hands with your individual wishes and circumstances at all times. The focus is always on unconditional reliability in all processes and services.

And that is not all

We – Julia and Thomas Maier – personally guarantee that we and our team will deliver excellent conditions and results and keep all our promises made to you.

Should, despite all care, something not run to your complete satisfaction, we will answer for it.

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