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»Every journey begins with the first step« Lao Tze

Therefore we invite you to contact us – we are looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact julia maier

Julia Maier

+49 6023 9169-71
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Mediocrity is not an option for me. Achieving absolute excellence is what drives me as Managing Director and what I see my responsibility in.

That’s why I strive permanently and every day for even more effectiveness and efficiency in all our business areas.

And if it takes an extra mile to do that, then so be it! My goal is to be experts in precious metal recycling and find the best solution and even more economic advantages for our customers.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact thomas maier

Thomas Maier

+49 6023 9169-20
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As founder and managing director, my most important job is to ensure that our technology works. But not only technology, materials, sampling: even if there is a problem somewhere else, I will certainly conjure a suitable solution out of the hat. About 30 years of precious metal experience are just hard to top!


We are your personal contact for all questions concerning precious metal recycling!

Eugenia Belitzer

Vice President / Sales Director
+49 6023 9169-51
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Nowhere else can you move so much in such a short time as at MAIREC. It makes me proud to be part of this great company, to represent our services in the market, to develop the company and to be treated as a reliable partner of our customers.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact sebastian christoffel

Sebastian Christoffel

Business Development Manager
+49 6023 9169-93
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As a member of the Executive Board and Business Development Manager, I am responsible for the strategic positioning in this area, have the opportunity to develop new business areas, but also look after key accounts. The highest possible performance is my top priority. Because as a former professional athlete, I’m not satisfied with the second league – I want the Champions League!

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact laurent lambermont

Laurent Lambermont

Key Account Manager
+49 6023 9169-621
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My job as a Key Account Manager at MAIREC gives me the opportunity to make the most of my creativity and communication skills: Whether by telephone or modern media – I really enjoy communicating with my customers. Together with them I try to find the optimal process for transport and processing of their material.

Iryna Krämer

Key Account Manager
+49 6023 9169-27
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I am proud to be a part of this creative mechanism. I particularly enjoy the variety of tasks and finding creative solutions with colleagues and partners and achieving new results. Responsibility, trust and reliability are my key qualities when working with customers. That’s why they appreciate me.

Jaime Galvis

Key Account Manager
+49 6023 9169-57
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“I never lose. I either win or learn.”  As a member of the sales department at Mairec, I am confronted with many challenges. Overcoming them makes my job extremely exciting, while my customers are my main concern and I always go the extra mile for them. My Caribbean background allows me to manage an excellent customer relationship with a lot of joy, good humor, and extraordinary professionalism.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact arash azizi

Arash Azizi

Key Account Manager
+49 160 98253938
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My ultimate goal is to offer our customers not just ANY solution, but YOUR tailor-made solution. Creative, courageous and open – this is how I tackle new challenges and how I succeed in achieving my goal.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact talal khahil

Talal Khalil

Key Account Manager
+49 175 6316647
Deutsch   english   اَلْعَرَبِيَّة

Thanks to my extensive experience in recycling, I work with confidence in the market and know almost every challenge. It is exactly these challenges that I enjoy most. With my great motivation in addition to my communicative nature and a typical Arabian hospitality, I inspire our customers!

Customer & Refining Services

The Customer & Refining Services team takes care of your material.

Sabrina Berger

Head of Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-97
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At Mairec we always focus on the customer, flexibility and the constant optimization of our processes allow us to adapt to all wishes. This is what motivates me to give my best every single day, to bring in ideas and creativity to improve our service to our customers and keeping it at the highest level.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact felix malfeld

Felix Malfeld

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-98
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As the »senior« in Inside Sales, I often know the answer to questions when no one has asked them yet. Thus many things run a bit faster than fast! And much better than good!

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact sandra elsesser

Sandra Grünewald

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-73
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As an employee in Inside Sales, I am part of a highly motivated team – with passion! That’s why I work constantly with my team to ensure that all customer orders run 100 percent perfectly. Due to my above-average thorough and focused way of working, I can’t help but pursue this goal.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact jekaterina ivanova

Jekaterina Ivanova

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-618
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I know that our customers see me as an experienced and trustworthy contact person. That’s exactly what I want to be! Because every day I approach my tasks with a positive attitude. I particularly enjoy communicating with customers and I am committed to ensuring that every order runs smoothly.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team contact saskia dericks

Saskia Dericks

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-609
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Recycling for our world of tomorrow is more important today than ever. This motivates me to achieve top performance every day. Flexible, thorough and with heart I always try to think outside the box and find the perfect solution for my customers.

Alisa Bieber

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-90
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The topic of recycling has interested and accompanied me my whole life. I am even more pleased now to be able to contribute to the recycling economy not only in my private life, but also in my job. With my determined way of working and in close contact with my customers, I am sure to find the optimal solution for the smooth processing of each order.

Anastasia Mohammad

Customer & Refining Services
+49 6023 9169-96
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I am very thrilled to be part of such a great team and to be able to contribute so much to providing a better future for the next generations.

That is why I always ensure that all our beloved customers receive exceptional service, because for me, the definition of an ultimate success – is their satisfaction.