We turn scrap into gold, problems into solutions and customers into fans.

For a while now we have been asking ourselves what we would like to say about us. 

The most important point seems to be how we view our customers: not as a “king”, as some may put it, but rather our equal and our partner.

Why this difference? Because we strive to communicate and work with you on an equal footing and, in an ideal case, build a long-term cooperation with you.

Relationships are built on trust – that is what we want from you. We are ready to earn it, and we are convinced we will succeed. We can accomplish this goal by providing you with the highest quality of work, delivering excellent results, and offering the most optimal and competitive pricing structure.

And by the same token, we can earn your trust , because you can fully rely on us – no ifs or buts – unconditionally, in every aspect of what we do.

The founders and owners:

2003 started as a 3-man operation in the domestic garage, today an internationally successful company with around 160 employees in Alzenau and 60 employees in the U.S.A.

With Julia and Thomas Maier, MAIREC has a strong and balanced dual leadership. Both hold 50% of the company and share responsibility according to their expertise.

A perfect match that has proven itself for 15 years.


Always there for you

executive committee

MAIREC - 6 letters that stand for a strong and innovative company.

Our management - 5 heads who could hardly be more different in origin, age and thinking, but who pursue a common goal: unrelenting commitment to excellence and to ensuring that this spirit of innovation continues to develop at MAIREC.

Wojciech Nieradzik
Operations Manager

Eugenia Belitzer
Deputy Sales Director

Sebastian Christoffel
Sales Director

Julia Maier

Thomas Maier



Creation of Mairec with headquarters in Mömbris, 3 employees


Relocation to the business premises in Alzenau, 6 employees


Expansion of the plant in Alzenau from 3000 m² to 9200 m², 55 employees


Purchase of further 12000 m² of land for future growth, 76 employees


Development and commissioning of steel cord recycling and founding of ALGUM, together with Schaab/Umtec


Foundation of MAIREC USA, Spartanburg, SC


"vision-led company" according to exlnz Prof. Warschawski


Opening of our own mechanical engineering hall with design and project planning offices, 143 employees 


Further growth to 160 employees in Germany and 60 in the USA

Site Alzenau

MAIREC company premises

Interesting information.

Think entrepreneurially. Act responsibly.

Responsible action is a focal point for MAIREC's corporate success.

Since our economic activities are inseparably embedded into our social environment, this responsibility is inevitably reflected in our commitment to various social projects and associations in our region.


Non-Profit Projects

MAIREC – the company that stands for excellence.

The impressive implementation of our ambitious corporate goals and our unyielding efforts to act responsibly toward our customers, our employees, and our environment are reflected in numerous coveted awards. MAIREC is pleased to have received the following recognitions:

MAIREC: Success from A to Z.

As one of the leading international companies in precious metals recycling, MAIREC has only one goal: to offer its customers the highest possible standards in terms of sampling and value determination, the highest possible accuracy of work, while at the same time, the fastest possible speed.

The fact that this effort is bearing fruit in the long term is confirmed not only by our customers, but also by numerous institutions and facilities.

The following certificates speak for themselves.

MAIREC has a crystal clear mission: to find the most efficient recycling method for your material worldwide. In order to fulfil this mission, we have built up a first-class international network of professional and proven refineries, smelters, laboratories, precious metal dealers, banks and consultants in more than 20 years of industry activity, from which you benefit today. Not for nothing we say: "Work with 50 smelters and refineries, 20 scrap dealers, and 10 pre-processing facilities or simply with us.

MAIREC is also involved in important national and international associations in order to maintain the existing network and to remain open to new methods and procedures through constant exchange.

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