Recycling of automotive catalytic converters and oxygen (lambda) sensors

MAIREC recycles car catalysts on both ceramic and metallic substrates, as well as oxygen sensors in every conceivable condition. We do this with excellent results.

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Ceramic catalysts

The ceramic body of a catalyst (monolith) honeycomb contains thinly walled channels, coated typically with platinum, palladium, and rhodium which provide the catalytic effect in the exhaust gas stream.

Whether whole ceramic converters, semi-crushed monolith, or ground monolith – high-precision processing is standard at MAIREC.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling autokatalysatoren dieselpartikelfilter

Metal foil catalysts

The precious metals carrier of metal foil catalysts consists of a thin, corrugated, tightly wound metal foil. Recycling these catalysts is difficult and costly.

MAIREC has developed its own highly efficient technology to guarantee the best results on the market.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling autokatalysatoren katalysatoren metalltraegern folie metallkatalysatoren

Diesel particle filters

Diesel particle filters, also known as DPFs, reduce the amount of harmful particles in the exhaust gas of diesel engines. The porous walls consist mostly of silicon carbide (SiC) and also contain precious metals.

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Oxygen sensors

An oxygen sensor is a sensor that measures the oxygen content in the exhaust gas flow of a car, enabling the engine control system to regulate the correct fuel-air mixture.

MAIREC has developed a particularly innovative recycling solution for end-of-life oxygen sensors.

Highly effective, proprietary technology

At MAIREC you benefit from the highest standards and meticulous precision in separation, homogenizing, sampling, and value determination. In addition to the modern and highly effective solution for your ceramic materials, our efficient unique proprietary separation technology in the field of metal foil catalysts and oxygen sensors guarantees the best results on the market.

6 more highlights, for your success

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Outstanding conditions

Thanks to our top-class international network and exclusive agreements with mines and refineries, we are able to offer you the best processing conditions on the market, tailored specifically to your needs.

Flexible financing

Our financial strength and close relationships with banks and brokers allow us to offer you flexible financing models, price hedging instruments, multi-currency payments and metal transfers. Ask us for individual solutions!

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Exemplary speed

The enormous capacity of our facilities and our own high-precision laboratory make it possible for you to count on receiving final chemical settlement assays 5 working days after delivery of your dismantled ceramic catalysts and 7 working days after delivery of your metal foil catalysts and DPF.

Maximum transparency through our open-door policy

Unlimited access to all relevant processing areas gives you the opportunity to observe the sampling of your materials at any time with your own eyes.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen maximale transparenz highlights success maximum transparency through open door policy

Competence, true passion and reliability

The dedication and commitment of our highly competent, respected and friendly team will give you a positive feeling that you are in the best hands with your individual wishes and circumstances at all times. The focus is always on unconditional reliability in all processes and services.

Innovative converter catalogue

The best way is to use our innovative catalogue – with chemical individual assays instead of XRF, including those of metal foil catalysts, with a shopping cart functionality, and an individual interface design feature.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen innovativer katalysator katalog highlights success innovative converter catalogue
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And that is not all

We – Julia and Thomas Maier – personally guarantee that we and our team will deliver excellent conditions and results and keep all our promises made to you.

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